Los Angeles Non-Medical In-Home Caregivers

Los Angeles non-medical in-home caregivers

Trusted Non-Medical Senior Home Caregivers in Los Angeles

In the past, in cases of medical crisis, a senior member was usually sent to the nursing home for long-term proper care, until the time he/she got well and regained normal health conditions. But in this day and age, seniors living in Los Angeles have more options to help deal with this issue. Nowadays even people with extremely critical and chronic illnesses can continue to live at home, under medical and non-medical home care assistance. Our professional senior home caregivers offer non-medical home care assistance.

We are going to talk more about the non-medical home care service providers who are responsible for giving supportive care to clients. The clients of non-medical home caregivers have someone in their family who is critically or chronically ill or just someone who requires home care as part of post-operative rehabilitation. Non-medical home care services majorly focus on providing support to the sick family member of the client wherein he/she would be responsible to help in the activities of the senior person in his/her daily living. The professional non-medical home care service provider would devote his/her companionship to the client for showering or bathing, eating, and going to bed. Also, special care would be provided to take care of the patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and other mental diseases.

Responsibilities of Non-Medical Senior Home Caregivers

Professional senior home caregivers are responsible for various duties, such as meal preparation, accompanying doctor visits, medication reminders, taking care of laundry and linens, socializing, and to some extent housekeeping. Their job duties would also include providing personal services like bathing, dressing mobility assistance, and incontinence care. If the patient is suffering from Alzheimer’s or any other mental disease, then the caregiver would also be responsible for encouraging engagement, and management of the behavioral symptoms, keeping the patient safe and assisting them in all activities of daily living. The non-medical home caregiver is also responsible for providing transitional care services like transportation, hospital discharge assistance, prescription pick-up, etc. They would also be rendering hospice support, which includes supplemental support.

Benefits of Non-Medical Senior Home Caregivers

It’s obvious that any family, who has got an aging person in their home, is in need of a professional home caregiver. Anyone who is discharged from the hospital, after a treatment of a major disease, might also require the services of non-medical home care professional. They might be requiring temporary assistance to help with various chores, such as doing laundry, cooking, and transportation. Patients with cognitive impairment also require companionship and medication reminders. Overall, if any family member is not in a position to safely care for themselves, then opting for the companionship of a non-medical home caregiver can become a necessity.

Even when an elderly person at home is not critically ill but still you notice some of the below-mentioned signs, then you might decide that they require the services of a non-medical home caregiver.

  • The housekeeping is not properly maintained.
  • The utility and other household bills are not being paid on time.
  • Medications are not being taken as per the prescribed schedule.
  • Appliances, irons, or stoves are being left unattended.
  • Meals are not getting cooked at the right time.
  • Driving seems like a hazard.
  • An elderly person in the family is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or with a mental illness.
  • The senior has been critically suffering from arthritis and has become almost immobile.
  • How non-medical home care does increase the quality of life.

Professional senior home caregivers offer companionship to the elderly loved one in your family, allowing them to have someone to listen to and talk to. The human connection is a most cherished part of non-medical home caregiver services. Also by appointing a professional non-medical home caregiver provider, the other members of the family can enjoy peace of mind as their loved one is in safe hands and able to lead a happy, healthy, and somewhat independent life even at an old age.