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meals and nutrition services for seniors

Meals and nutrition services for seniors in Los Angeles

In-home care services aren’t just used to help with mobility issues, incontinence care, and dementia – they can as well be used to assist seniors to maintain a good and healthy diet. This is a crucial part of what our in-home care agency does, and it’s an important part of the health of our elders. Proper diet and nutrition can make the difference between a long, healthy and independent life at home, and one that requires constant medical care and far less independence. Understanding the way in-home care services can help with diet and nutrition could make that very same difference for your family.

Help with meal planning

Maintaining a regular schedule is essential for seniors, and is particularly true for the timing and consistency of meals. However, for most people, this could require assistance to manage it. Our In-home care services can help with meal planning, including planning for meals with particular requirements like post-surgery diets or lactose-sensitive diets and also other kinds of specialty programs. Meal planning can also consist of helping in the planning of usual meals and also meals for say holidays and other special occasions. In general, this includes help with choosing menu items and still planning with a budget in mind, but it can as well include help creating a long-term menu, also like a weight reduction or the weight gain/addition program and more.

Help with shopping

As we get older, the things we used to do without expending too much effort can become nearly impossible tasks. A weekly grocery trip can seem like torture to a senior that has trouble walking, or standing, or has issues with memory or dementia. And from a physical standpoint, carrying all those groceries from shelf to cart to register to the car to home can put a dangerous burden on an older person. Thankfully, in-home care services could help with all of this.

Our in-home care providers can not only help with grocery shopping, but they can also help with transportation if necessary. And if the provider is also helping with meal planning, then it’s an easy, natural adjustment for them to help your loved one with the often tiresome and even impossible task of grocery shopping.

Help with meal preparation

Safe meal preparation only gets more important as we get older, but managing this process can be difficult for many seniors. Handling knives, food processing equipment, heavy dishes pots, and pans are tiresome, and although they may not readily admit it, many seniors are simply not able to do this task themselves anymore.

Our in-home care providers can help with all aspects of meal preparation using sanitary, healthy practices with nutritious foods while ensuring that meal planning, budgeting, and grocery shopping are tightly aligned for maximum efficiency.

However, many individuals think that these types of services are only available on a full-time basis and therefore believe that they cannot benefit. But our in-home care agency will provide temporary, part-time, and relief services in addition to the standard full-time services. So if your loved one needs help just with dinners or only on weekends preparing meals for the week, or if they need full-time help with shopping, planning, and preparation, a compassionate in-home care provider is exactly the solution you need.

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